Celebrity Sweat and Albertson’s team up for an Emmy’s treat

Celebrity Sweat and Albertson’s teamed up this week to send 3 outstanding, and well deserving, teenagers to this summers’ Emmy’s. These teenagers have been a part of the Boys and Girls Clubs of East LA for many years, and are now embarking on the next chapter in their lifes – college. Celebrity Sweat joins efforts with Boys and Girls Clubs across the county.  Whether its monetary donations, net proceeds from silent auctions at our events, or equipment donations for their sports programs, Celebrity Sweat recognizes and supports the vital work that Boys and Girls Clubs do across the country for today’s youth.

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Chipotle Mango Wing Recipe

Chipotle Mango Wing Recipe

  • Try to marinate the wings over night
  • Party wings : 2 lbs
  • • Mango purée : 21/2 cup
  • • Chipotle peppers: 1 can
  • • Greek yogurt: 1/2 cup
  • • Green onion: 4 diced
  • • Chili powder: 4 tbs
Cooking steps:
  1. Marinate wings over night. 1 1/2 cup of mango purée. Just the peppers from the chipotle can (reserve the juice) and cracked black pepper. Make sure wings are submerged if your using a bowl or use a plastics zip lock bag. Keep refrigerated at all times.
  2. Dry wings off let them rest on a cookie rack with a kitchen towel or place paper towel on them.

3. Season wings on both sides with salt, pepper and chili powder. Wings should go onto a cooking rack so they cook evenly and crisp. You don’t want these sitting in their own drippings. Cook wings until golden and crispy turn once 375 degrees

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