Celebrity Fit Tip – football great Marcellus Wiley

by | Dec 25, 2015 | Celebrity Fit Tips, Celebrity Fit Tips, New FT

This week’s Celebrity Fit tip features football great Marcellus Wiley. After an impressive career on the gridiron, Clipper Darrell and the Csweat team caught up with Marcellus this past summer to discuss fitness and training.  Marcellus shares with us some of his favorite core movements in the gym, and how working out during the season versus the off season differ. With a career now as a analyst doesn’t mean Marcellus is slacking off in the gym, just the contrary! He continues to maintain his fitness routines and now you can train like a pro as well. Visit www.csweat.com for hundreds of free fitness, training and nutritional tips from your favorite athletes and celebrities.