Were you lucky enough to be a part of  the Ultimate Fitness Expo 2015’s largest health and wellness challenge to hit Miami’s Bayside Marketplace? Thousands of people attended the FREE Fitness Expo, which is in it’s 2nd year here in Miami. We had Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks on hand to talk fitness and lead two extremely high energy  Tae Bo classes, including the largest Tae Bo class at Bayside! There was Zumba with Aldo and his team of exceptional dancers, as they took attendees through some rigorous (but fun) fitness moves, and total body conditioning with Muscle Farm Downtown. Bommarito Performance offered training tips and demonstrated some of their fitness programs – which are utilized by many pro athletes in their respective off-seasons. And Hollywood Physique Expert – Eric the Trainer and his team were on hand to talk nutrition with attendees as well. We look forward to next year, and want to thank everyone who came out to this year’s Expo: LaCroix, Dreamwater, CocoZico, CocoFoco, Joji Frozen Yogurt, Muscle Farm  Downtown, Bommarito Performance and Aldo Garcia and his Team.