Homemade Fruit Leather Recipe

by | Apr 7, 2012 | Eric the Trainer's Archive, eric the trainers archive, Recipe Archive


Use any fruit you like


Cup 2 cups of your favorite fruit. Berries work really well for this. Slightly steam or cook them for about 3-4 mins. This redistributes the sugar and brings great color to the fruit.
Most times you do not need to add sugar. Purée or blend the fruit into nice creamy constituency.
Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Puréed fruit should coat the back of a spoon. Pour mixture on to the baking sheet. Make it’s even.
the oven should be on the lowest temperature. 120 degrees. Place baking sheet in the oven . Let the purée dry out completely. It should look like leather about 6-8 hrs.

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