Save the date and join us at Bayside Marketplace in Miami for the 2nd annual Ultimate Fitness Expo, May 16th. We’ll be ‘sweatin it up’ from 10a-4p – FREE Tae Bo classes with Billy Blanks, Zumba with Aldo Garcia and his team, and Full Body Conditioning from Muscle Farm Downtown Miami. There will be give-a-ways, music, fitness tips with Hollywood Physique Expert Eric the Trainer, healthy cooking with the American Culinary Federation, samples and surprises! Admission is FREE – perfect for the whole family! Check out last year’s highlights, and plan on meeting the team on the 16th. Be sure to reserve your FREE spot today!

Tae Bo classes: 11am & 2pm

Zumba classes: 12pm & 3pm

Full Body Conditioning at 1pm